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How to Rock Moroccan Rugs in a Modern Way

May 15, 2022

How to Rock Moroccan Rugs in a Modern Way

When thinking of the Moroccan interior style, and Moroccan rugs in particular the first things that come to mind are bright colors, tribal symbols, and maybe diamond shapes and bold statement traditional designs. However and as we like to preach it here at DariDecoo Moroccan rugs come in different shapes, sizes, materials, patterns, and aesthetics which makes them a traditional precious piece that can easily seduce everyone. True crowd pleasers!

So now that we established that Moroccan rugs are for everyone regardless of their personal preferences if you happen to be searching for a timeless piece and really would like the renowned Moroccan rugs but still don't want to compromise your sleek modern interior style. Then this blog post is for you.

Monochromatic Rugs:

Whether in neutrals or dark tones, uni-colored rugs are a great way of introducing the ancestral charm of Moroccan rugs in a subtle form to seamlessly match your modern aesthetics. And it also makes it a lot easier to design and decorate your space without having to worry about symbols or patterns clashing with your already existing surroundings.

Another bonus is the flexibility, and they can be more easily moved from one piece to another without overly overthinking it. All you need is to go with a color that you love and that suits better your overall theme and personality.

Minimal Geometric Rugs:

The black Diamond shapes woven on a plain white wool canvas are probably the most recognizable Moroccan rug style and for a good reason! They tend to be a staple item in the realm of boho and minimal aesthetics making them an ideal addition to your Modern home while still enjoying having a marvelous hand-made Moroccan rug in your modern space.

They make a really good choice, especially f you would rather keep things around you minimal and neutral while again enjoying the versatility and flexibility, you can be sure that they will go with everything including even any potential changes in your home design.

Minimal rugs with a twist:

If you find minimal rug designs too simplistic for your taste and are more into items with character and some playful details. If you happen to find that the typical look of traditional rugs doesn't serve your style preferences then there is something for you as well.

You might be convinced by the unique Moroccan rug designs that come in a variety of pastel shades of color or even some abstract colorful designs that embellish neutral-based rugs. Amidst the multiple particular styles, you will find one that suits your overall vibe.

Artsy and unconventional rugs:

Another bonus will be those wild card designs that challenge the conventional and common Moroccan rugs designs, they tend to be more creative and unpredictable in terms of design, colors, and patterns leaning towards a more artistic style. Who wouldn't love having a modern painting or a graphic art design handwoven on their living room carpet right? The best ice-breaker and party conversation starter for your future guests :)

We are very happy to help you find your ideal Moroccan rug, check out our beautiful and rich collection of authentic Moroccan rugs here.

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