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Simple Ways to Achieve the Magical Moroccan Interior Aesthetic

November 08, 2021

Simple Ways to Achieve the Magical Moroccan Interior Aesthetic

For centuries, Moroccan architecture and style was a reference in the world of interior design, that is not only achieved by the mesmerizing Moroccan crafted pieces but also by an intricate and yet effortless mix of textures, color palettes that can be harder to imitate.

The Moroccan bohemian and fluid style has gained more recognition in the '60s when the country became a popular destination for rich hippy travelers who brought back and spread out the Moroccan interior spirit in western societies. A trend that is still strongly relevant and has never gone out of style since.

If you are here, chances are you are looking to spruce up your space by injecting some Moroccan-inspired details. We bring you simple ideas and tricks on how to successfully add the chilled and opulent Moroccan touch to your home.

Know what works for you:

Surprisingly, the Moroccan style is quite diverse with its many fabrics, styles, and shades, whatever your style preference you can make your surroundings as bold or as neutral as you want them to be.

If you are going for a dramatic look, you will be spoiled with a variety of lush fabrics, vibrant colors, and extravagant accessories. equally, if you would rather keep your space neutral, there are plenty of recognizable items that can perfectly complement a minimalistic space while still adding the sought-after Moroccan touch.

Rugs: A Moroccan Interior must:

Moroccan rugs are really unique and an easily recognizable aspect of the Moroccan look. So adding a rug to any living space you wish to transform is an essential step for attaining the Moroccan vibe.

Rug designs can be abstract and geometric patterns, or intricate and ornate; you can also buy them in colorful and neutral palettes. For a stronger impact, you can go for rugs with Berber tribal symbols in the color palette of your choice.
Authentic Moroccan rugs are not just beautifully functional, they have immaculate quality making them a timeless investment that can last you a lifetime. So make sure you find what works best for you and your space.

Accessorizing is everything!

moroccan pouf

The Moroccan-inspired style is all about luxurious comfort, so if done well, it can be your own personal haven and a quiet escape from the generic outside world.

When it comes to accessories stick to natural fabrics and prioritize warmer tones and textures. Even in a quiet neutrally decorated space, a few Moroccan touches can dramatically elevate the space by adding elements of warmth and exotic details.

An efficient way of accessorizing is to add plush floor cushions or Moroccan poufs. A simple feature that brings the space to life.

Think of porcelain and Moroccan pottery either by adding functional pieces in the kitchen and living room such as Moroccan Bowls or more ornate porcelain pieces for decorative purposes such as hand painted tajines vases and plates either on shelves, mantelpieces, or on the walls.

A Scent that transports:

And finally, there is nothing like a scent to transport you back to a place and evoke the sensation of being elsewhere. So finding a home scent that is reminiscent of Morocco, is a lovely final touch to complete your Moroccan-inspired spruce up. Think of incense, essential oils, or richly fragranced candles with typical local scents, either spicy like Cinnamon or flowery like orange blossom.

Check out our beautiful collection of authentic Moroccan rugs and accessories on our webshop.

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