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The incredible beauty benefits of Moroccan Black soap

February 13, 2022

The incredible beauty benefits of Moroccan Black soap

Thousands of years ago, black soap saw the light and constituted a big part of the beauty regimen for women in the region, and unsurprisingly it never went out of style and is still religiously used not just by Moroccan women but also women all over the world. So what is Moroccan black soap? And what is it made of? and why and how did it manage to stay relevant in the beauty realm for centuries?

What is Moroccan Black soap?

Moroccan black soap, also known as Beldi soap is a dark jelly-like paste that is used to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate the body. it gets the name based on its Black color which can change from dark brown to dark green depending on the season and the harvest time of the oils that were used to produce it.

What is it made of?

Because Moroccan Black soap was used for centuries for beauty and hygiene purposes, it is consequently completely derived from natural ingredients. It is usually made by combining argan oil, olive oil, and crushed olives, the mixture is then marinated with salt and vegetable potash following the ancient process of cold saponification.Plus its efficiency, its natural and clean components make it even more relevant and appealing to the current and more aware beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of Black soap?

Now that we learned what is the soap and what is it made of, it is time to understand the timeless praise around this magical paste.The Moroccan black soap is naturally rich in vitamin E which makes it high in antioxidants giving it powerful properties in terms of skin regeneration and protection against free radicals.

The strong vitamin E presence contributes to slowing down the process of aging, but it doesn't there. This timeless product packs loads of vitamins, it has a high concentration of iron, copper calcium, and vitamin A and D. The presence of this highly beneficial cocktail of vitamins explains its valuable skincare properties.

Where to even start? It cleanses gently the skin by eliminating all impurities and dead skin cells without irritating the skin barriers leaving it soft and well-nourished. It also provides hydration and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can even help with toning the skin with its anti-aging properties.
And what makes Black soap even more appealing is its inclusivity! It is suitable for all skin types and can be safely used on a daily basis.

How to use it?

Now that we have piqued your curiosity and interest about the black soap, you must be wondering how to use a soap that doesn't particularly look like traditional soap? No worries. it is fairly simple.

Black soap is used in the same manner as traditional soaps with the exception that it generates very little foam and can be applied directly on the body or face without the intervention of luffas or shower gloves.
Apply a small amount on damp skin and proceed to massage it for 30 seconds to 1 minute then rinse and continue your normal shower routine.

Convinced, and curious to try this ancestral skincare timeless product? Check out our Daricosmetica store where we bring you all the Moroccan natural, efficient, and affordable skincare products.

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