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3 Easy Habits to Implement to Maintain your Beautiful Moroccan Rug

November 14, 2021

3 Easy Habits to Implement to Maintain your Beautiful Moroccan Rug

After the long, tedious, and hopefully, fun process of searching for your ideal Moroccan rug comes that delightful moment. The happy moment when you spread the precious rug you have been waiting for all along, and... it fits! And suddenly the whole room falls into place! What a satisfying feeling! Maybe only interior junkies will understand, and if you are here then you definitely get it.

Once you savor that glorious moment and congratulate yourself on a job well done, comes the time for the serious talk. Now that you finally are the proud owner of an authentic Moroccan rug it is time for you to know how to care for this timeless and special item.

We put together simple and easy habits to implement into your routine to maintain the beauty and prolong the life of your precious Moroccan rug.

Keep the dust away:

The notorious enemy to the longevity of Moroccan rugs is dust accumulation! if left too long without cleaning, the dust particles set deep into the nice and natural fibers of the rug and the decay starts slowly over time.

grey diamond shape rug

Making a habit out of gently vacuuming the rug or simply hanging and beating the dust out of it, is an old-school foolproof method to prevent the early downfall of your precious item (and also to release some stress).

So do not forget to keep the dust away by either vacuuming or beating the rug once a week.

Give it some fresh air:

Moroccan rugs have been around for centuries, a useful fact to keep in mind when wanting to care for your rug because often, the simplest methods are the most effective to keep the rugs alive for as long as possible. A great habit to add is to simply hang the rugs and give them some fresh air!

The air circulation keeps any dampness away and helps greatly with any unwanted odors that natural rugs seem to collect. Just make sure that the weather allows for this, if not, a little exposure is better than none.

Mind the sun exposure:

We have already spoken of the variety of Moroccan rugs in terms of the many color palettes and existing patterns. If yours happens to be one of the colorful ones then you need to be conscious of maintaining those beautiful naturally dyed shades. One way to do this is to be mindful of your rug placement within your home. Does your colorful rug get lots of serious sun exposure? Do you have some parts of it tucked underneath furniture?

These are some questions you need to keep in mind because a lot of sun exposure can fade bright colors over time, if that applies to you, then try to shift and switch the rug placement from time to time so that all parts of it get equal exposure to keep the colors looking homogenous.

So these are our simple habits to include into your home care routine to keep your timeless Moroccan rug youthful and beautiful.

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